Have you got “Children” on your guest list at your Wedding?

As a parent himself Buttons understands trying to keep children amused for hours on end at any time let alone that special day The Wedding” can be daunting.


Sitting through the ceremony for around 45 minutes to an hour, then there’s the photographs another hour, then back for the reception and the meal, this can last for another two to three hours. This all adds up to a long day for adults never mind the children who by this time are getting restless.


This is where Buttons can help.

Buttons can keep your younger guest entertained with his comedy mix and mingle along with his Balloon Sculptures ensuring their parents & other guests can enjoy their meal.


Oh then comes the speeches when again the children can become restless and disturb the speakers in their finest hour.


Buttons can take the children in an adjoining room and entertain the children with his comedy magic show so the speeches can take place undisturbed.


With everything that you have to think about on your special day give Buttons a call, or send him a message, and let him take away some of the worry and help ensure your day is a memorable one.


Buttons can be seen at various wedding exhibitions in association with VA Productions where the cream of South’s Wedding Suppliers can be found.